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Privacy Policy
We strive to protect each of our patient's privacy as much as possible. It has been our experience that the greatest threat to your privacy is you! A credit card receipt left out for someone to discover, an insurance explanation of benefits letter in the mail that someone else views, or a copy of the receipt that we hand you at the end of your visit... these are all things that have undone patients in the past. Given the realities of our human nature, there are a few things that you can do to protect your privacy.

Some tips to ensure your privacy:

1) Be seen at a clinic that takes care of a variety of patients. While we are specialists in sexually transmitted diseases, we are also an urgent care clinic and a primary care clinic. Should someone discover our telephone number on your cell phone, we usually answer the phone "Doctor's office." The credit card receipt will say "Seven Corners Family Practice" on it. If someone web searches "Seven Corners Family Practice," they will be taken to When in the waiting room, the other patients being seen are likely here for high blood pressure, diabetes, a sore throat, etc. There will be no reason for anyone to have any idea of why you are here. If you instead go to an STD clinic, and their phone number is left on your cell phone for someone else to find...

2) Destroy the receipts! Review them before you leave the clinic (whichever clinic you choose) and check for accuracy, but do not leave a receipt that says "Chlamydia test $75" for anyone else to discover crumpled on the floor of your car. If you ever need a copy of your receipt for any reason, we will be happy to provide you with another copy.

3) Think carefully about submitting a claim for insurance reimbursement.The insurance company is required to mail you an explanation of benefits statement. Sometimes these statements will have the names of the tests listed, and sometimes they will be listed by code. However, anyone with a computer can web search the codes to discover what tests were performed. If you are certain that no one else could intercept this mailing, then by all means, you should submit the claim for reimbursement (you paid for the insurance, after all). However, if there is a possibility that someone else might receive the letter before you can intercept it, consider such a submission carefully.

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