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Sexually Transmitted Disease Specialists

 Confidential and expert care                                                                                                                      703 532-1100

Our patients receive individualized, personal care by an experienced doctor with years of experience treating and diagnosing STDs. Sophisticated and modern laboratory testing is conducted. The financial costs of this care can be substantial, and comprehensive STD testing can often cost five to eight hundred dollars or more. 

While our prices for individual tests are very competitive, we strive to be able to provide testing at a cost that matches the cost of any test at any other facility (doctors office, lab, etc.). Simply provide us documentation of the price of the lab test in question, and we will do our best to provide the lab test to you at an equal or lessor price.

We currently have a few specials listed below.

Partial (8-panel) Test Package for $245 which includes:

- Chlamydia

- Gonorrhea

- Hepatitis B

- Hepatitis C

- Herpes 1

- Herpes 2


- Syphilis

GC/Chlamydia for $145 which includes:

- Gonorrhea

- Chlamydia

We also have special pricing on more complete STD testing, if interested. For a list of prices for individual tests, click here.

Our facility does not participate with any insurance plans, so all patients must pay in full for all fees incurred, at the time of their appointments, in the form of credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) or cash. Patients are then provided with a detailed, itemized receipt and attending physician statement specifying the exact tests and evaluations performed, and their respective fees. Patients may then submit this information to their insurance company if they wish. Insurance companies will sometimes reimburse patients for a portion of their out of pocket costs for STD care, depending on the particular terms of their policy.